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ENGLISH presentation

In the American market of aromatherapists (prestigious cosmetic companies like Kiels and l’Occitane en Provence have introduced Corsican immortelle in tiny proportion in their formulas),
one can purchase one dram of pure Corsican immortelle essential oil for a minimum price of $85.

We believe we can offer, even to the most demanding customers in the USA, our wide range of skincare products with an irresistible price range.    
We only use natural and precious ingredients and our products are, of course, cruelty free, safe for the environment, organic and totally made in France.
We also carry a warranty of quality with the strictest controls and regulations.  
We are confident and proud that when you test a few of our products, you will immediately see their benefits on your skin.

Let’s explain how the main active ingredients benefit to your skin active ingredient

  • immortelle essential oil : This enchanting essence is wild harvested in the high altitude rocky cliffs of the Corsican countryside.
  • Known  alternatively as Everlasting flower, Sun Gold oil, this-our oil is steam distilled from the precious petals of the Helichrysum italicum  flower.                                                                                                             The chemistry of this  high altitude soil makes the oil more beneficial than any other  immortelle variety and distillation.     
  • It is a powerful anti-hematoma, is active on healing wounds, scars, stretch marks, rosacea and calms the symptoms of dermatitis. It is a natural way to lessen the presence of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Immortelle  Essential Oil is one of the top performing oils in the Aromatic Assembly,  especially for skin care. However, it is not just rarity that makes  true, Helichrysum italicum, Immortelle Essential Oil so in  demand! This gem has potent restorative properties that dramatically  improve the appearance of skin imperfections.

Crème soyeuse régénérante à l’Immortelle corse
                     organic Silky regenerating cream with Corsican Immortelle
• wrinkle concealer
• activates the microcirculation
• nourishing and regenerative
• leaves no greasy film
• healing and soothing
    Apply a thin layer on the face and the eye area. Your skin will be truly transformed

crème régénérante et soyeuse immortelle BIO, remplace la précédente
soyeuse à l'immortelle et oliban 30 ml bio, perfermormance contour de l'oeil optimale
Disponibilité immédiate
30.00 €
 baume réparateur à l'immortelle corse bio
Repair and regenerative organic immortelle balm
made with organic Immortelle essential oil.
This balm is enriched with natural tensor, moisturizing, nourishing and decongestant ingredients.
• dark circles, puffiness, facial signs of fatigue are dimmed for optimal tolerance of the contour of the eye.  Help to regenerate and heal damaged hands and body parts.
• The application of our regenerating and rejuvenating balm will have on your skin exceptional anti-wrinkle effect. The Immortelle is good to improve your acne and may reduce rosacea.
The balm contains 100% active ingredients; it is a real beauty elixir to apply preferably in the evening on the face and after showering or bathing on the body, on a damp skin. It contains no preservatives or colouring.
Your skin will be truly transformed.
baume réparateur immortelle
régénérant, cernes, plaies 30 ml
25.00 €
Elixir Immortelle Corse bio
anti-aging serum
  • smoothes intensely,
  • firms, rejuvenates, carefully restructures, nourishes
  • exceptional efficiency on fine lines around the eyes, heals, penetrates instantly, helps reducing bruises, bumps
  • may help in soothing symptoms due to dermatosis, naturally protects from the sun with an indice of 5.
  • help soothing burns, acne, redness and irritation,
  • excellent on any type of skin, excellent after shave, eye makeup remover
Apply a few drops on your fingers, and massage thoroughly on your face and eye area. It penetrates quickly. You can use the serum as a treatment by itself or adding for more benefits in one of our cream. Apply on a clean face in the morning or in the evening.
You can also apply on wound, scar, oedema directly.
Elixir immortelle
huiles visage
lisse, raffermit. non grasse. anti-rides 50 ml
30.00 €
Stella di Mare
    is our natural Anti wrinkle, restorative,
concealer, exceptional stain concealer,
exceptional regenerative
  •    incredibly penetrating and non-greasy
  •    powerful healing and anti-stain
  •    reboosts the microcirculation
  •    soothes the symptoms of dermatoses
    and irritations
  •   fight rosacea and acne, rebalance the ¨PH
  •   revives the complexion of dull and tired skin
  •    improves skin tone, moisturization,
    and skin firmness
  with no conservative, only vitamin E
Suitable for young and mature skin, it helps to
rebalance as it contains rosehip (very precious
oil) and immortelle, but also ylang ylang,
vegetable oils from olives, borage, hemp,
macadamia, wheat germ, kukui.
Stella di Mare, océan pacifique et méditerranée
huiles visage
huile non grasse peaux jeunes et matures
formulation rare et précieuse
Ce produit n'est pas disponible.
0.00 €
skin repair oil, for body and face
Légende immortelle corse
huiles corps et cheveux
Huile de soin réparatrice Immortelle 150 ml
38.00 €
"Fleurs de peau", tonique à l'immortelle
soin visage et corps
14.00 €
organic floral water
eau florale immortelle
soin visage et corps
distillation traditionnelle par nos soins
12.00 €
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